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The government is under pressure to remove hard-won pesticide regulations when we leave the EU. Big agribusiness is lobbying hard to weaken the safety rules. If we don't act now, we could see toxic products in the UK that are banned in the rest of Europe because of the harm they can cause to health and the environment. Rules on what pesticides residues are allowed in our food could be weakened.

New European controls on the probable carcinogen glyphosate and bee-toxic neonicotinoids are also under attack.

This can't happen and we need your help.

Please write to your MP today and tell them you want the UK to keep all the EU regulations on pesticides.

This means not allowing currently banned pesticides to be used and keeping strong regulation on pesticide residues in food.

Ask them to pledge to oppose any weakening of the safety standards that protect your health and the environment. Do amend it to add your own concerns. The more personal the better.
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