Contact Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt

PAN UK has found residues of 123 different pesticides in the fruit and vegetables given out to four-to-six year olds via the Department of Health’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. They include suspected endocrine disruptors which interfere with hormone systems, known carcinogens, and organophosphates that can negatively affect children’s cognitive development.

For a daily cost of 1p extra per child, the Department of Health could end schoolchildren’s exposure to this cocktail of pesticides.

Email Jeremey Hunt and tell him that pesticides have no place in our schoolchildren’s food. Your message will have more impact if you personalise it and explain to him exactly why YOU are concerned. Do make sure to tell him if you’re a parent and your children are (or will be in the future) part of England’s School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme.

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