Pesticides linked to serious human health and environmental problems are sprayed in public places such as streets and parks all over Brighton & Hove. But urban pesticide use is unnecessary and hundreds of towns and cities around the world, including Bristol, Lewes and parts of London, have already banned pesticides.

The Brighton & Hove local election on 2rd May is the perfect opportunity to get our council to make the switch from toxic pesticides to sustainable, non-chemical alternatives. Ask your local candidates to take the Pesticide-Free Brighton & Hove Pledge. A personal message will hold more weight so do feel free to edit the text.

We have done our best to collate contact details for candidates from all parties. If some of your candidates are missing do check your local council website to see if there is another way of contacting them.

  Darryl Telles
  Sharon Hamlin
  Clare Moonan
  Gary Wilkinson
  Nichole Brennan
  Daniel Gray
  Gill Williams
  John Allcock
  Jackie O'Quinn
  Debbie Taylor
  Phil Clarke
  Theresa Fowler
  Renato Marques
  John Hewitt
  Kevin Thomas
  Danielle Cornish-Spencer
  Emma Daniel
  Eleanor Humphrey
  Charles Harrison
  Nigel Jenner
  Amanda Grimshaw
  Kate Knight
  Daniel Yates
  Peter Atkinson
  Anne Pissaridou
  Adam Scott
  Janet Smith
  Juan Baeza
  Julie Cattell
  Denise Friend
  Nick Childs
  Amanda Evans
  Poppy Burt
  Dan Simmonds
  Jane Chetwynd-Appleton
  Elizabeth Darling
  Robert McIntosh
  Les Hamilton
  Alan Robins
  Carmen Appich
  Chris Henry
  Adam Imanpour
  Alex Braithwaite
  Josh Guilmant
  Ian McIssac
  James Thompson
  Hannah Clare
  Phélim Mac Cafferty
  Marianna Ebel
  Raphael Hill
  Steve Moses
  Alice Bennett
  Jack Hazelgrove
  Martin Osborne
  David Gibson
  Elaine Hills
  Steph Powell
  Mitchie Alexander
  Amy Heley
  Siriol Hugh-Jones
  Leo Littman
  Lucy Agace
  Martin Farley
  Claire Rainey
  Tom Druitt
  Alex Phillips
  Lizzie Deane
  Sue Shanks
  Pete West
  Steve Davis
  Jamie Lloyd
  Sarah Nield
  Rico Wojtulewicz
  Dawn Barnett
  Tony Janio
  Nick Lewry
  Jayne Bennett
  Vanessa Brown
  Anne Meadows
  Carol Theobald
  Geoffrey Theobald
  Lee Wares
  Lynda Hyde
  Mary Mears
  Joe Miller
  Denise Cobb
  Robert Nemeth
  Garry Peltzer Dunn
  Ann Norman
  Ken Norman
  Nick Taylor
  Steve Bell
  Dee Simson
  Steve Barrey
  Brighton & Hove Conservatives
  Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats
  Aditi Bhonagiri
  Paul Philo

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