Ask UK supermarkets to take pesticide products off their shelves

Join us in calling on supermarkets to protect wildlife by ending the sale of harmful pesticide products in their gardening range.

Thanks to pressure from people like you, Waitrose and the Co-op have already taken these poisons off their shelves. While some of the UK’s other major supermarkets have removed a number of particularly toxic products from their range, they continue to sell environmentally-damaging gardening pesticides. But these supermarkets are teetering on the edge of making this a relic of the past. That’s why an email from you now could make all the difference.  

Take our quick online action below. A personalised message is likely to have more impact so do feel free to edit the text to explain why this issue is so important to you. You can choose to email all UK supermarkets or just the ones you shop at regularly. 


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