Ask your supermarket to take action on pesticides

UK supermarkets aren’t doing enough to protect human health, wildlife or the environment from hazardous pesticides. They are keeping their customers in the dark about which pesticides are used in their global supply chains and appear in the food on their shelves.

CEOs care about their supermarket’s public image, and they have the clout to make big changes. As a customer, you have the power to sound the alarm and tell your supermarket to do more to reduce the harms caused by pesticides.

A personalised message is likely to have more impact so do feel free to edit the text to explain why this issue is so important to you. You can choose to email all UK supermarkets or just the ones you shop at regularly. You can also print out the letter to hand in to your supermarket customer service desk in-store. Download it here.

  Aldi – Giles Hurley, UK Chief Executive
  Asda – Roger Burnley, Chief Executive
  Co-op – Steve Murrells, Chief Executive
  Iceland - Tarsem Dhaliwal, CEO
  Lidl – Christian Haertnagel, Managing Director
  Marks & Spencer - Steve Rowe, CEO
  Morrisons - David Potts, CEO
  Sainsbury's - Simon Roberts, CEO
  Tesco - Dave Lewis, Chief Executive
  Waitrose - James Bailey, Executive Director
We rely on building relationships with people like you, people who understand the importance of ending pesticide use and the dangers they pose to our health and environment.
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