Don't let trade deals weaken UK pesticide standards

The UK is currently in the midst of trade negotiations with the US and planning to start trade talks with other countries soon. While far from perfect, UK pesticide standards are some of the strongest in the world. As a result, trade deals with countries with weaker pesticide protections (which includes almost all non-European countries including the US and Australia) present a significant risk to the health of UK citizens and the environment.

We know that weakening UK pesticide standards is a key priority for the Trump administration in particular, and their negotiators are pushing hard so that US companies can sell pesticide-laden food to British consumers. They are also pressuring the UK to allow currently banned highly hazardous pesticides (such as bee-toxic neonicotinoids) to be used again in UK farms and gardens. If the UK Government caves in to their demands it will not only damage public health but also the environment.

There is currently almost no opportunity for MPs or the British public to scrutinise or influence trade deals. This lack of transparency makes it much easier for the Government to trade away our hard-won pesticide protections behind closed doors. Our best hope is to make sure the Government understands that this is not what the British people want.

Email your MP today to tell them to protect your health and the environment by taking action against #toxictrade