Don’t let the CPTPP trade deal weaken UK pesticide standards

The UK has applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Tarns-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a massive trade deal which includes 11 countries from around the Pacific Rim.

While far from perfect, UK pesticide standards are more protective of human health and environment than those of CPTPP member countries. As a result, the UK Government is likely to come under pressure when joining CPTPP to allow larger amounts of more toxic chemicals in food and reverse bans on environmentally-damaging pesticides. Not only would a drop in pesticide standards damage public health and the environment, it could also threaten the future of British farming.

There is almost no opportunity for MPs or the British public to scrutinise or influence trade deals. This lack of transparency makes it much easier for the Government to trade away our hard-won pesticide protections behind closed doors. Our best hope is to make sure the Government understands that this is not what the British people want.

Email your MP today to tell them to protect your health, the environment and British farming by taking action against #toxictrade