Don’t let India trade deal weaken UK pesticide standards

The UK Government is in the midst of negotiating a trade deal with India, which it hopes to agree this year.

While far from perfect, UK pesticide standards are stronger than India’s in terms of protecting human health and the environment. Indian food is generally allowed to contain much larger amounts of more toxic chemicals, and many pesticides that have banned in the UK due to the harm they cause remain in use.

With UK borders in a mess following EU exit, it is highly unlikely that we have the systems to stop Indian food exports containing illegally high levels of pesticides from ending up on UK shelves. The deal also risks devastating UK farming because Indian agribusiness is able to operate more cheaply using harmful pesticides banned in the UK, giving them a competitive advantage.

Email the Secretary of State for Business and Trade today to tell her to stand up for your health and the future of UK farming.


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